In the centre of Stockholm, you will find a palace with office space, meeting rooms and a rich history. The perfect place for your business or a temporary meeting spot. Together with you, it may become an unbeatable tool on your business journey. Welcome to Stockholms most exclusive work & meeting place – Ivar.

Lena Werner is the founder of Kapitel 8 AB who, since 2015, run Ivar Private Office & Meetings at Tändstickspalatset. 

Ivar fulfill Lena's vision of creating an exclusive and discreet workplace for people from different industries, an intimate place to meet in discreet ways. The environment is both relaxed and elegant. After a lot of renovation and a lot of love, Ivar at Tändstickspalatset is today once again a place for important conversations and big decisions. 

Anyone who chooses to rent Private Office at Ivar not only gets access to private office space, but also to conference rooms, a restaurant and a gym. Here, most of today's needs are covered in terms of work, food, exercise and relaxation - and the possibility of receiving guests. 

Ivar is also the perfect place for meetings, conferences, dinners and other celebrations especially if you appreciate the palaces special ambiance and the legacy of the mysterious Mr Ivar Kreuger. 

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Work at ivar

If you are a person who loves working with people, who is passionate about providing excellent service and has a positive 'I can' attitude, then a position at Ivar is tailor-made for you! To thrive with us, you should be driven, humble, kind and thorough. You should like to share your knowledge and are driven to develop and improve. You love working in a small and tight team and have an ambition to always deliver the best result when you take on a task.

We are always looking for great people to join us, so if this sounds appealing to you please send us your CV and a short personal letter telling us why you would love working at Ivar. 


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